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Preparing for Your Appointment

Welcome to Trust Women Seattle Clinic. We take great pride in providing patients with high-quality, personal reproductive health care in an environment that is both warm and welcoming. Please see the information below to help make your appointment go as smoothly as possible.

General Information 

You may fill out all required medical forms listed online before the day of your appointment.

No weapons are allowed on the premises for your safety.

Please bring all of your insurance cards and information so we are able to process insurance coverage at the time of appointment.

If you are using noisy electronics, please bring headphones.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please give us a call at (206) 625-0202 at least 24 hours beforehand.

A way to shorten your wait time would be to come in beforehand to see us for all your initial paperwork and labs. Please call the office if you would like to come in prior to your procedure.

You will need to bring in a valid ID for your appointment. Approved IDs are state ID, driver’s license, school ID with name and picture, credit card with name and picture, passport and military ID. Requiring your ID is a security procedure for your safety as well as ours.

All of your information is protected under HIPAA and is completely confidential.

We recommend you leave any valuables or jewelry at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.