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7 Apr 15 1

TW Press Release: Brownback Signs SB 95

For Immediate Release                                                                                           Contact: Katie Knutter

7 Apr 15 0

Trust Women Sends Letter to Governor Brownback asking him to veto SB 95

Dear Governor Brownback: As the CEO of Trust Women Foundation and South Wind Women’s Center. We provide direct reproductive health care services, including abortion care, here in Kansas.  I am writing to ask you to veto Senate Bill

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For 30 years, Dr. George Tiller kept the doors of his clinic, Women's Health Care Services, open despite constant harassment from anti-choice activists and politicians, and routine violence from anti-choice terrorists. I founded Trust Women to honor his commitment and continue his work. Trust Women is committed to protecting, through direct services, communications, and advocacy the rights of pregnant people specifically in Midwestern and Southern states.



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