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2 Mar 14 0

Featured in More Magazine: "Julie Burkhart: The Woman Who Won't Back Down"

by Amanda Robb When Dr. George Tiller was killed by an assassin’s bullet, women in Wichita were left without a safe place to get an abortion. One year ago this April, his friend and former employee reopened the clinic. Now she herse

3 Dec 13 0

Featured in Business Week: The Vanishing Abortion Clinic by Esmé E. Deprez

Amy Hagstrom Miller fired 34 people in November. “It’s hard to look people in the eye and say they don’t have a job anymore...

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For 30 years, Dr. George Tiller kept the doors of his clinic, Women's Health Care Services, open despite constant harassment from anti-choice activists and politicians, and routine violence from anti-choice terrorists. I founded Trust Women to honor his commitment and continue his work. Trust Women is committed to protecting, through direct services, communications, and advocacy the rights of pregnant people specifically in Midwestern and Southern states.



  • South Wind Women’s Center’s 1st Anniversary Celebration

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  • After Tiller

    "After Tiller" will be screened here in Wichita November 20th. Special thanks to Tallgrass Film Festival, the directors, and the panel for participating in the screening of this very important film. View the trailer here. ...

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